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Turnkey or a customized approach, we have a solution.  


Constructability Review and Estimating:
Our finger is on the pulse of the market trends and our team has hands on experience with managing the supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, fabrication, and installation processes required.  Utilizing some of the latest technology (Bluebeam, ACIST, Revit, MS Project...) allows us to provide prompt detailed and itemized takeoffs, scope drawings, cost estimates, and milestone schedules.  Our relationships with a range of industry leading manufactures and supply partners provides flexibility when putting together the program we feel lends the most value to the project.  When it comes to the labor, and site logistics, our systematic approach has been continuously refined over decades.  With full access to our management, fabrication, and installation teams, our precon group provides thorough constructability reviews, detailed logistics plans, accurate schedule input, and itemized cost estimates at the on set.  Once awarded this baseline data is integrated throughout our operating structure setting the foundation for our collective success.  Let us optimize your project from concept through design by allowing us to provide professional insight as early as your project allows. 


To ensure consistency in Safety, Quality, and Production we've adopted a Project Team Approach.  This lean process allows each project to be represented from award to completion by our Executive Management, General Superintendents, and Fabrication Operations Management.  Once mobilized a dedicated Site Manager coordinates and collaborates with the Project Team and assumes the responsibility of executing the mission. Our team has an extensive background in the construction industry at large (Contract Glazing, General Contracting, Owners Representation, and Manufacturing) garnishing us the ability to view each project and situation from multiple vantage points when developing the baseline plans, programs, and strategies to navigate through changes and hurdles that arise.  Whether on the macro level of the overall project budget and schedule milestones, or micro level of coordinated just in time deliveries.  Our Team Approach, and culture will lend true value in ensuring consistency in our delivery and project success.


Our field experience and in house capabilities allow us greater control over the design, procurement, quality, schedule, and efficiency on site.  Our engineering department utilizes ACIST (parametric intelligence software), in conjunction with AutoCAD, RhinoCAM, and Revit to develop each project's unique bill of materials, fabrication drawings, work orders, and installation drawings. Our facility has multiple production lines to ensure redundancy and efficiency. The fabrication and assembly plan for each project is tailored around generating the maximum efficiencies for the individuals with boots on the ground.  Our reliance on standardized processes and procedures assures quality control and assurance from engineering through packing and delivery. 


As a group we’re builders at heart.  With well over a century of combined industry experience with a multitude of facade types including curtain wall (stick & unitized), window wall, storefronts, structural glass systems, ornamental metals, sun-control elements, folding partitions, terra-cotta, ACM, rain screens and more. Providing safe, quality, expedient, and value-added solutions is at the core of what we do.  Leverage our passion and we can be part of  what makes your project a true success.


Our Team has the training and experience to find the source of water intrusion.  We utilize AMMA, ASTM, and forensic testing methodologies as required to help property managers and building owners identify and remediate failures of vertical fenestration components.

With experience operating in occupied conditions,  our team has the knowledge to help with glass replacements, sealant failures, and other ongoing concerns with your enclosure.  We have the ability to make repairs that extend the life cycle of your façade as well as develop a long term maintenance plan for incorporation into your annual operating budget.


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